Black & Decker FP2500S Wide-Mouth Food Processor-500 Watts, Stainless Steel Review

Black and Decker FP2500S Wide-Mouth Food Processor-500 Watts, Stainless Steel
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First I am not a professional cook nor do I strive to be. I assume that anyone reading reviews for a Black and Decker food processor are in the same boat. I just enjoy cooking and preparing healthy, and usually easy, meals for my family.
Out of the box I was pretty impressed with the unit. The base is solid and heavy and each piece, albeit most plastic, feel substantial as well. So without delay I will list the pros and cons I see with this unit:
- Looks good sitting on the counter, no reason to hide it (unless you ARE a professional chef).
- Every little nook and cranny that can get food in it is accessible through the dishwasher or hand washing.
- Safety feature of needing to lock the workbowl AND the wide-mouth attachment for the unit to operate is a nice feature for those of use with kids.
- 10-cup size is ample to prevent overloading
- Workbowl fits snug into base once locked and the teeth on the base have much less likelihood of deteriorating.
- Suction cups on base is nice for me. It could be a con for some who prefer an easily movable processor.
- Good warranty and customer service has been accessible and great thus far.
- Wide mouth setup actually works for me. You remove the wide-mouth feed chute, load in your large item (tomato, apple, orange) and then replace the wide-mouth chute and use it to guide the item down to be prepared. This helkps prevent overloading with large items if you could simply feed in one after the other.
- The surround on the base around the touch buttons for the controls is cheap and is already "buckling" and "bubbling". I am praying it stays this way and does not peel off.
- The main gear on the workbowl that attaches to the base's toothed gear is not customer replaceable. There is no part number and the chances that Fox (the people used by B&D for warranty replacement and repairs) understanding what you need are slim. Most likely will simply get another workbowl.
- Loud, VERY loud. Certain Cuisinart models are far quieter, but I usually am not trying to talk to someone when I am using a tool with sharp blades.
- Fan creates a VERY strong gust of wind that will blow away anything light on your counter (including flour which was nice).
As for my personal use of the machine, I do not trust the blades in the dishwasher just as I do not trust my Wusthof knives in there. I hand-wash each blade after use and dry it. This will help keep them sharper longer and will keep them looking new as well.
Overall I think this is a great food processor. There are a few concerns for long-term use such as the non-replaceable gear and the surround on the controls, but that is not enough to give lower than 4 stars and also prevents a perfect 5-star rating.

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