VillaWare V5265-05 Power Meat Grinder Review

VillaWare V5265-05 Power Meat Grinder
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While the VillaWare 5265-05 has an acceptable appearance and acceptable accessories, a serious deficiency is the plastic auger. Many competitive units have metal augers which are far more durable. After grinding partially frozen fish, shrimp, spinach and meat, the auger was seriously deformed and was unusable. This was after less than 2 hours use. I have tried to get replacement parts but the internet site seems to be hard to find. In the newer models, the plastic auger has been replaced with a metal auger. This is a MUST. I'm hoping that Villaware will replace the defective plastic auger as a warranty items since their replacement with a metal auger is an implicit acknowledgement that the original auger was not up to the job. With a metal auger, I would rate the unit 4-5 stars since other components are quite good. Chuck Jensen

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VillaWare Power Grinder has 320 watts of power.All metal feed screw is unbreakable. Reversing switch relieves any jamming. Steel junction parts - no plastic.Feed screw shaft has a rubber seal to prevent liquid from backing up into motor drive. Fine, medium and coarse disks.Able to stuff sausage.

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